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    Default Your biggest/best performer?

    I'm curious as to what everybody's best performer is from their collection (in terms of longevity with a medium-high projection). I'll be honest, I'm keen to see if there are any recurring frags here that would be worth looking at!

    For me, my longest performers are:

    Kilian - Black Phantom
    LPDO - Vanille Persuasive (super affordable, which is great!)
    Mugler - Pure Havane

    All of my strongest performers over time are quite sweet and sticky.

    Anyway, looking forward to hearing yours..
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    Default Re: Your biggest/best performer?

    There are so many, but I'll say Gengis Khan
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    Default Re: Your biggest/best performer?

    ALD Antiquity
    LV Ombre Nomade
    Dior Homme Parfum
    Mancera Aoud Lemon Mint - almost too long
    Nishane Fan Your Flames
    Mancera Hindu Kush
    FDB Sahraa Oud
    Dior Tobacolor

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    Default Re: Your biggest/best performer?

    These are possibly the longest lasting ones in my collection:

    BN9 - New York Amber
    Dior - Oud Ispahan
    SHL777 - Black Gemstone
    Tom Ford - Amber Absolute
    Ermenegildo Zegna - Indonesian Oud
    Current Winter Favorites:

    1. House of Matriarch - Blackbird
    2. Brückner - Aoud 1
    3. Creed - Royal Oud
    4. Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777 - Generation Man
    5. Armani Privé - Oud Royal
    6. by Kilian - Straight to Heaven
    7. Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777 - Mortal Skin
    8. Creed - Royal English Leather
    9. Creed - Bois du Portugal
    10. by Kilian - Cruel Intentions

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    Default Re: Your biggest/best performer?

    Dior Sauvage EDT
    Ralph Lauren Polo
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    Default Re: Your biggest/best performer?

    Dior Eau Savauge Parfum
    Mancera Cedrat Boise
    Chanel Le Lion
    Olympic Orchid Blackbird

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    Default Re: Your biggest/best performer?

    Amouage Interlude Man
    Etat Libre d'Orange Rien

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    Default Re: Your biggest/best performer?

    Hard Leather.

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    Default Re: Your biggest/best performer?

    Dior homme original formula hands down, it even outclass joop homme origina formulal in projection and lasting power.

    To mutch, even for me so i sold it, after one evening with the dior homme i could smell it even the day after quite strongly on me, and on all clothes etc, to mutch of the good.

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    Default Re: Your biggest/best performer?

    In terms of sheer tenacity - those fragrances which aren’t necessarily cloying but last so long and are so strong you wish by the end of the day they would finally relent - I can think of these from my collection:

    Carven L’eau Intense
    Jovan Musk for Men
    Lalique Encre Noire a l’Extreme
    YSL Kouros
    (modern formulation)

    Honorable mention to Guerlain LIDGE, Hanae Mori H.M., John Varvatos Artisan Pure, and Versace The Dreamer. All of these can be toned down with careful application, but are still very strong performers for me.

    Others that I don’t notice as strong, but which my wife finds particularly tenacious:

    Dior Fahrenheit Parfum
    Dunhill Century
    Lalique Pour Homme Equus

    Finally, though I’ve read much about the potency of the A*men line (and now own the original and four flankers), the only one that I found too strong was Pure Wood. I don’t own it, but I thought it worth mentioning. I get the impression that Mugler has toned down the line over the years (the ones I own are all post-IFRA reformulation).

    There are plenty of others I don’t own that I find cloying, but the above should give you an idea of my tolerance level. I generally prefer more understated fragrances. I think some of the perception of performance has to do with a particular person’s sensitivity to certain notes or aromachemicals, the same way some people just can’t tolerate foods with certain ingredients.

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    Default Re: Your biggest/best performer?

    Louis Vuitton Ombre Nomade

    I can take a shirt out of the washer and dryer weeks after I wore it on a day that I wore Ombre Nomade, and I can STILL smell Ombre Nomade on it.

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    Default Re: Your biggest/best performer?

    As FB: New-York Intense by PdN. It perform very well

    As decant: Tobacco Vanille, especially on clothes

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    Default Re: Your biggest/best performer?

    Among others, especially One Man Show Gold Edition, Lancetti PH Concentree, Habit Rouge EDP, Knize Ten, Chergui and Lapidus PH

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    Default Re: Your biggest/best performer?

    Interlude Man was the first one to come to mind. A bunch of others though.

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    Default Re: Your biggest/best performer?

    Among many, the most recent BEAST is Interlude 53....

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    Default Re: Your biggest/best performer?

    Amouage Jubilation XXV
    Montale Black Musk
    ADP Colonia Leather
    Currently wearing: Dark Aoud by Montale

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    Default Re: Your biggest/best performer?

    Dior Homme Parfum
    Dior Fahrenheit Parfum
    Chypre Palatin
    BR 540
    Jaïpur Pour Homme
    Bois Du Portugal
    Boclet Tobacco
    Marquis de Sade 1740

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    Default Re: Your biggest/best performer?

    Diaghilev and M might be the longest lasting i have.
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    Default Re: Your biggest/best performer?

    Ombré Leather

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    Default Re: Your biggest/best performer?

    couple i know of are vintage obsession for men is about the best performer i have ............. eros is another really good performer .

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    Default Re: Your biggest/best performer?

    Tuscan Leather
    Black Aoud
    Red Tobacco
    Giorgio Beverly Hills VIP
    Mousse Illuminee
    Rien Intense Incense
    “I have often observed that [scents] cause an alteration in me and work upon my spirits according to their several virtues; which makes me approve of what is said, that the use of incense and perfumes in churches, so ancient and so universally received in all nations and religions, was intended to cheer us, and to rouse and purify the senses, the better to fit us for contemplation” - Montaigne
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    Default Re: Your biggest/best performer?

    Montale Vetiver Patchouli
    Dior Eau Sauvage Parfum (2017)

    Current Favorites:
    Guerlain Vetiver, Missoni Parfum Pour Homme, Prada Amber Pour Homme Intense, Lalique Pour Homme EDP, Cartier Declaration

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    Default Re: Your biggest/best performer?

    In rotation: Lapidus PH Sport, Royal Copenhagen Musk, Jaguar, Greenbriar, Tricorn, Xeryus, Declaration EDT, Patrick, Open Black, Fahrenheit

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    Default Re: Your biggest/best performer?

    Floris 1962. Two sprays to the chest and I can smell projection literally all day and sometimes in the morning.
    "Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies."

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    Default Re: Your biggest/best performer?

    As you’re starting to see….almost any Amouage, but I’ll specifically go

    TF Tobacco Vanille

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    Default Re: Your biggest/best performer?

    Several, but these really last and project -

    Nicolaï Patchouli Intense
    Malle The Moon
    Diptyque Oud Palao
    Guerlain Spiritueuse Double Vanille
    Dior Leather Oud
    Amouage Tribute Attar
    September Rotation

    Cuir d'Ange / Etruscan Water / Carnal Flower / Bel Ami Vetiver / Vetiver Extraordinaire / Christopher Street
    Caron Third Man / Baie de Genievre / Cuiron / Rive Gauche pour Homme / Bois d'Armenie / Vanille Tonka

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    Default Re: Your biggest/best performer?

    Hands down first batches of Eros and vintage Jaipur edp
    A*men from the 90's and vintage Joop
    Pure wood + Pure tonka are beast mode too.

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    Default Your biggest/best performer?

    Used to be Xerjoff Erba Pura before I sold it. You could scent a baseball stadium with one spray for days…or something along these lines

    I am assuming Profumum Roma will soon pop up, their concoctions are usually nuclear as well.

    One of my favorite strong performers is Simone Andreoli‘s L‘Or du Sillage as well as Malibu Party in the Bay. Pleasant all day scents with next day factor.

    I saw AdP Colonia Leather up there and I second that.

    I was surprised to see JV Artisan Pure up there. I wouldn’t have thought that this performs so well for someone - it‘s a rather effervescent, fast fading scent to me (and many, judging by its rating) like most citruses and especially JV perfumes are.

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    Default Re: Your biggest/best performer?

    YSL Kouros - its marathon longevity is a bit much for me.
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    Default Re: Your biggest/best performer?

    Dior Homme Parfum
    1. No, never blind buy (I do, but do as I say, not as I do. I'm taking no responsibility for your fragrance gambling).
    2. Get them both. You're a Basenoter and you know you're going to end up purchasing them both eventually.
    3. Yes, it has been reformulated.
    4. Looking for a signature scent? You've come to the wrong place.

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