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    Exclamation Fake or Real Nishane Hacivat ?

    Bought this off a Facebook group - the member had sold to a lot of other people in the group.

    The cellophane did seem a little bit off so I did videotape the whole opening. As it was my first purchase on Facebook group shipped to me.

    It is missing the gold piece below the atomizer to make the cap fit snug. I didnít notice this right away as I just quickly inspected it and then put the cap on and back into the presentation box. Blind bought so not sure on the smell.l also had some of the black fabric stain the sides of the white bottle.

    Anyways here are a few pictures below.

    Thanks for help.

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    Default Re: Fake or Real Nishane Hacivat ?

    Looks fine to my eyes.
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    Default Re: Fake or Real Nishane Hacivat ?

    Thanks. Solved the mystery of the cap below the atomizer. It was stuck inside the cap !

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